Monday, April 14, 2008


MY PEOPLE!! Welcome to the opening of my blog... FINALLY!!! I've had this darn computer for 3 some odd years and you would think that with all the time i spent on it, i would have had this thing up and running.
Well, it's finally up and i guess i can tell you what you will be seeing here on THE CHRISCROSSER. You will see artwork, some phlosophy through my eyes, my business intentions and some blurbs on future projects. Among other things. But mostly, just to show people who've believed and had invested in my art for years what i've been up to and what i'll be producing in the next coming months and years. And as i continue to learn new things... like actually making this blog....(sheesh, it took forever), i will be keeping you up to date on what i get myself mixed into. And hopefully that statement won't come back to bite me in the pooper.

I will be posting some art on here soon, but in the meantime, as i'm getting ready for NY Comicon, i'll be busy trying to get my deadlines done on the last three books of the Big City Comics project called TAINTED... which involves their major characters ANT, TOTEM, AND TEMPEST.

Right now, i'm doing three pages that are kicking my behahnd.

I'll post pics of the Con here also.

So in the meantime, as i link this to places that will actually get you to read this... please subscribe to my blog and post this to your Google Reader or your own blog.

I'm sure you will enjoy what's coming.

Tah for now.


Schantz Julien said...

Hi Chris !!!

It's great to see you there...
We all hope to see some new pages from you !!


J aka Preacher59 (from France).

ChrisCross said...

Thanx, Preach!! I will post until you're blue in the face.

Bradley said...

Like I said before Chris this stuff is HOT!!! I am looking forward to seeing you out there again. I can't wait to see the rest of the stuff you did for ANT!!


The Bradley Lynch Group