Saturday, January 31, 2009



what we have here is a second chance to communicate.

Just in case you didn't get to read the first installment, i'm going through the motions
of putting this second installment of TAINTED for your perusal.

I know..

it sounded very Twilight Zone.

What you're getting here is probably more artwork than most other comic artists usually put
in their blogs in one sitting. It shows that i truly want to entertain you.

That and i wanted to make sure that people get to see what James Brown can really do when he gets an artist "that truly inspires me to want to get to the computer."

Hey, we can all use inspiration.

Every time i set up a color page in photoshop for him to base certain hue choices to push the art and take him out of his comfort zone,....

well, the way he came through was truly an inspiration.

We both had fun vibing with each other's talent.

It's kinda like we took turns singing country music with our classic Noble acoustic guitars.

James is no joke.

SO have fun looking through this next batch.
and as always, click on the lavender words to hit James Brown's portfolio.

It's bombdiggity.

So what?

I can say that.

It's my blog and i can cheese if i wanna.

And click on the page turning readers so you can see them at full size.


And as always, click on the lavender.

It goes straight to James' site.

Just a hint in case you think i'm ordering you around.


Ruben Diaz said...

So nice to see your work colored as it should be. Love the Issu app. Wonder if you can get metrics data from it and it if supports standard ad banners?

Andres P. said...

Awesome art! I follow you since XERO that I loved it. Glad to know you have a blog. Greetings from an argentinian fan!