Sunday, July 20, 2008

A figment of your imagination....

The JabbaWockeez.

These guys are making a big splash in the dance market.

They started on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

I'm sorry to say that my fiance has slightly gotten me hooked on 'em.


I'm man enough to say it.

They happened to be the headliner along with Melissa Reyes for a benefit for sick children in St.Peter's College in Jersey City.

You don't realize the amount of work, energy and athletics involved in dance until you see it up close and personal.
So i used the video option on my Kodak to record the performance because taking pics wouldn't do them justice.

I took pics of Melissa Reyes because she's cute, but has no stage presence.
Girl needs to work on that.

But you wanna see JabbaWockeez.

SO look at them.

Don't mind the camera footage.

I was right on the floor with 'em and apparently they're really well liked.

and some girls' big heads were in the way.

And there's so much bass that the Kodak couldn't handle the overload.

Besides, what do you want for free anyway?


Erick said...

Hey CC

There's no email to contact you directly so hopefully you'll read this, you might remember me best as Batfan over at newsarama, you helped me out with my Ms Marvel submission pages by giving me some great comments and critiques, and your suggestion for me to redo them and expand them to 5 pages were of great help, i got some great feedback on them at SDCC this weekend (no job offers, yet) but all in all i feel quite confident right now, on the strength (whatever those were) of my first Ms Marvel pages i landed a gig for Chimaera Studios to start a series for them so my work will see print hopefully the end of the year.

Anyway, i wanna thank you and though i havent scanned the reworked Ms MArvel pages yet, if you want to check them out ill probably put them up on my deviantart page and my website this week

drop me a line with your comments i'd like to hear what you have to say about the news also, my email is

thanks for all your help


Erick said...

oops, meant to say "what you have to say about the new ones" not "news".